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Institute of Astronomy


Francesco D'Eugenio, IoA, University of Cambridge: How do Supermassive Black Holes Quench Massive Galaxies at High Redshift? A JWST and ALMA Study

Jiachen Jiang, IoA, University of Cambridge: QUasi-periodic Eruption Survey for galaxy Transients (QUEST)

Hiiko Katjaita, University of Namibia: Namibian Astronomy: Exploiting Favorable Conditions for Multi-Wavelength Observatories

Yuqi Li, IoA, University of Cambridge: Post-main sequence thermal evolution of planetesimals: Implications on white dwarf pollutants

Seunghwan Lim, KICC, University of Cambridge: Are There Too Many z>5 Protoclusters from JWST?

Ye-Wei Mao, Guangzhou University: Multi-Wavelength Bulge And Disk Morphology Of The Early-Type Spiral Galaxy M81 (Ngc 3031 )

Queen "Delight" Namene, University of Namibia: Bridging Gaps in Black Hole Imaging: The Africa Millimetre Telescope (AMT) Initiative

Annabelle Richard-Laferriere, IoA, University of Cambridge: Constraints on Thermal Conductivity in the Fascinating Merging Cluster Abell 2146

Helen Russell, University of Nottingham: Stellar and black hole feedback with AXIS

Dom Walton, University of Hertfordshire: NGC5907 ULX1: The Most Extreme Pulsar Known

Xing Wei, Beijing Normal University: Where to find exomoons

Renbin Yan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Spectroscopically Mapping the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies with The Affordable Multiple Aperture Spectroscopy Explorer (AMASE)

Han-Yuan Zhang, IoA, University of Cambridge: A Panoramic Photograph of the inner Milky Way