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Driver download locations

Setup instructions

These instructions were made using macOS 12. Screenshots and names may differ on other versions of macOS

  • Go to the site above and download the printer driver for your version of macOS. 
  • Install the printer driver but when it gets to selecting a printer do not select a printer. The installer might suggest you set up a printer, close this dialogue without selecting a printer.
  • Go to the Printers and Scanners panel in System Preferences and use the '+ icon to add a printer. 
  • Select the 'IP' tab (the middle globe-like icon) and enter the following settings:
    • Address: ''
    • Protocol: 'Internet Printing Protocol - IPP'
    • Queue: printers/<printer name> (e.g. colour11)
    • Name: A suitable name that'll allow you to find the printer again
  • From the Use dropdown menu select "Select Software..." and search for the printer model (e.g. "6700". Use the DN variant of the driver. Click OK then Add
  • If you are presented with an 'Options' dialogue make sure 'Duplex Module' is set to installed, then click on OK.

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