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Photograph of Diffraction Spectrum taken by Professor Henry Draper M.D., University of New York, December 1872
AMI/86/D.3.11  Apollo

Photographs of Iron Arc Spectrum

The Spectrum of Nova Geminorum II., 1912.  Spectrographs taken at Cambridge by F.J.M. Stratton 
AMI/84/D.3.11 Apollo

Photographed by Mr Vesto Melvin Slipher (1875-1969) Various Spectra, 1903-4  TOO/21/D.2.12  TOO/21/A Solar Spectrum   TOO/21/B Spectrum of Venus   TOO/21/C Spectrum of Mars  TOO/21/D Spectrum of Jupiter   TOO/21/E Spectrum of Saturn   TOO/21/F Spectrum of Saturn (with Titanium)   TOO/21/G Spectrum of alpha Canis Minoris (Procyon)   TOO/21/H Spectrum of epsilon Pegasi

Spectoral Plates in region of 4250, 1911 (list only)
CO/44/D.3.12 Apollo

Coloured Illustrations of Stella Spectra, c.1870