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Payment for supervision is made through CamCORS, Cambridge Colleges’ Online Reports for Supervisions, a system that allows supervision reports to be read, written, and processed online.

Whilst supervisions are arranged by the department, the payment is managed by the Colleges. In order to be paid, Supervisors are asked to create a report form for each of their students at the beginning of term, and then complete and submit a brief report a week or so before the end of the term via CamCORS. The submitted reports constitute claims for payment, and are sent to the appropriate College(s) for review. Payment is made automatically once the relevant Director of Studies approves your report. Note that you can fill in the report before the last supervision of Term but still claim payment for this last supervision.

Colleges will normally make a single total payment per term per supervisor. For reasons of taxation, Colleges are only able to approve payments on particular dates so if you are late in submitting your reports, you will not receive payment until the end of the following term.

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