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Class of Membership Member Department/Institution/College
(a) Heads of Department in the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry Prof C. J. Clarke AST
    Prof M. Wyatt AST
    Dr J. Keeler CHEM
    Prof J. Robinson MSM
    Prof M.A. Parker PHY
    Prof R. Cameron MSM
(aii) holders of Professorships assigned to the Faculty or to a Department within the Faculty and of other offices specified in Schedule B of the Statutes which have been approved by Grace as qualifying their holders for membership in this category of a particular Faculty Board;    
(b) Appointed by the Council (of Senate) Prof S. Jackson (31.12.22) CHEM
    Prof T. Euser (31.12.23) PHY
(c) Members elected by the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry Prof D. Spring (31.12.22) CHEM
    Dr. W. Nolan (31.12.22) CHEM
    Prof P.C.Hewett (31.12.24) AST
    Prof S.M. Best (31.12.2025) MSM
    Prof U. Keyser (31.12.23) PHY
    Prof U. Schneider (31.12.23) PHY
    Prof F.M. Grosche (31.12.2025) PHY
(d) Members co-opted by the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry Dr H.R.N. Jones (31.12.22) CHEM
    Secretary of the Faculty Board
Mrs A Macharia (31.12.22)

Prof C. Ducati (31.12.22)


(f) Student Members of the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry Mr S. Hutton (01.01.22 to 31.12.22)  
(i) Physics TBD (01.01.22 to 31.12.22)  
(ii) Chemistry

TBD (01.01.22 to 31.12.22)

(iii) Astronomy TBD (01.01.22 to 31.12.22)  
(iv) MSM TBD (01.01.22 to 31.12.22)  
  Observers TBD Chemical Engineering
    Prof T. Hasan Engineering
    Professor J. Maclennan Faculty of Earth Sciences & Geography
    Dr R. Jack Faculty of Mathematics
    Prof F. Hollfelder Faculty of Biology
    Dr J. Bellingham Physical Sciences

Degree Committee Members

Degree Committee Comprises of Members in Class (a) to (d) above:
Prof C. Ducati - Chairperson of Degree Committee
Dr Anna Constantas - Secretary


Key to Departments/Institution

AST = Astronomy
CHEM = Chemistry
MSM = Material Science & Metallurgy
PHY = Physics