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part iii

Course Aims

  1. To encourage work of the highest quality in astrophysics and maintain Cambridge's position as one of the world's leading centres in the field;
  2. To continue to attract outstanding students from all backgrounds;
  3. To provide an intellectually stimulating environment in which students have the opportunity to develop their skills and enthusiasms to the best of their potential;
  4. To maintain the highest academic standards in undergraduate and graduate teaching and to develop new areas.

The Part III course is designed to develop students' analytical, critical, and numerical skills to the point that they are equipped to undertake independent research in Astrophysics. These aims are advanced through taught courses, which develop students' mathematical skills through detailed analysis of topics at the forefront of contemporary research and through the hands-on experience of a substantial research project. The project work encourages students to develop a critical attitude and an innovative approach to problem solving. The more independent working style is developed under the guidance of a supervisor from the Institute of Astronomy.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the fourth year should have:

  1. had experience of a number of areas of astrophysics from a choice of options taken to an advanced level, at which current research can be appreciated in some depth;
  2. carried out a substantial research project amounting to about 1/3 of the work in the course;
  3. enhanced their communications skills;
  4. become well prepared for a career in academic research or one where independent research skills are required.