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Mr A.R. Hinks
2nd Order Differential Refraction Terms, Monthly Notices Vol. 63 p.138

2 sheets 'Apparat zur Messung...', Hamburg, 1820

Astronomy Related Portraits and Prints.

Framed contents page of 'The Astrophysical Journal', Vol. 519 Number 1, Part 1 (1999 July 1) Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr. as editor.  283x365x25mm. HIN557 Apollo

Hurthill Chiddingford, Surrey
Watercolour landscape attributed to Stephen J. Bowers (1874-91) mount 440x355 mm. Image is 223x140 mm.
HIN439 (D.2.11) Apollo

"Cracow"  wood-cut print 240x305 mm. by Stefania Dretler-Flin (1909-1994) HIN515/D.2.9

Newall H.F.
Membership certificate to the Societe Astronomique de France, 1924.
PE/31/D.2.11 Apollo

Observatory Club invitation card 1947 Jan 30 to W.H. Steavenson HIN509 D.3.12 Apollo

Perpetual Mechanical Calendar

Short Sunderland Flying Boat, 1955

Stereograph slide collection, formerly owned by Dr David W. Dewhirst.  Miscellaneous collection, including animals, places and events.  Held in Library Office.  Listing.

Address to Sir Joseph John Thomson, 1936