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The Teaching Committee

Getting Involved

During the first few weeks of Michaelmas Term, students will be invited to elect one representative from their cohort to attend Teaching Committee meetings.


  • Chair from Academic Staff
  • Part II and Part III Coordinators
  • Part II and Part III Senior Examiners
  • Director of Postgraduate Education
  • One or more course lecturers / other UTOs
  • Postgraduate Student Rep.
  • Postdoc Rep.
  • Two External Reps. from Cavendish and DAMTP
  • Part II and Part III Astrophysics/MASt Student Reps.
  • IoA Undergraduate Student Coordinator (further members of Examinations Team may also attend)

Terms of Reference

The Teaching Committee meets termly at 2.00pm on a Thursday afternoon near the middle of each term. Its remit is to oversee the operation of the Part II and Part III Astrophysics and MASt course offered by the department.

Termly standing items include:

  • Reports from Course Coordinators and student reps on the progress of the courses/projects in each term and discussion of feedback from previous term (Easter and Lent only)
  • External Relations (i.e., updates on matters of note in relation to course changes in Physics/DAMTP; updates relating to reporting requirements/initiatives at School/University level)

Term specific standing items include:

  • Discussion of external examiner’s report  (Michaelmas Term meeting)
  • Part III Coordinator reports on interim project reports (Lent Term meeting)
  • Part III Coordinator reports on progress regarding MASt recruitment (Lent and Easter Term meetings)
  • Teaching/Examining Allocations for following year (Easter Term)
  • Update to the schedules for the following year (Easter Term)

In addition, a range of issues relating to the delivery and assessment of the courses and possible improvements are identified by the Chair as items for discussion.