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Long Term Visitors

Ms Susan HatleyHoyle H48(3)37521hodpa
Prof Cyril HazardObs O29(3)37544
Dr Giuliano IorioHoyle H36(3)37504giorio
Dr Yiping ShuHoyle H25(7)66098ypshu
Dr Sylvain VeilleuxHoyle H41(3)30803sv435

Current Visitors

Name Affiliation Host Arrival Departure Office Phone
Yucheng Guo KIAA-PKU Roberto Maiolino 05/09/2018 05/09/2019 K35 37526
Name Affiliation Host Arrival Departure Office Phone
Sylvain Veilleux (Sackler Visitor/Kavli Lecturer) University of Maryland Chris Reynolds 14/01/2019 31/08/2019 H41 30803
Miriam West - Mihkel Kama 01/02/2019 13/09/2019 H21 64612
Marco Gomez Jenkins Imperial College -Summer Intern Ian Parry 17/06/2019 30/08/2019 O25 37091
Anastasia Fialkov University of Sussex Richard McMahon 24/06/2019 30/09/2019 H57
Tyler Mouton Harvard -Summer visiting Student Simon Hodgkin 25/06/2019 25/08/2019 H26 37511
Alfie Robinson University of Manchester - Summer Intern Sergei Dyda 01/07/2019 23/08/2019 O35 37093
Philip Holloway Clare College - Summer Intern Wyn Evans 15/07/2019 06/09/2019 H29 66645
Jaya Chand UCL Mihkel Kama 29/07/2019 13/09/2019 H28
Rishabh Bhardwaj University of Edinburgh - Summer Intern Steven Gratton 29/07/2019 29/09/2019 O35 37093
Christina Ramos Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias Carlos Gonzales Fernandez 03/08/2019 30/08/2019 H28
Zhen Yuan Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Wyn Evans and Vasily Belokurov 05/08/2019 06/09/2019 H53 30895

Future Visitors

Name Affiliation Host Arrival Departure Office Phone
Jiri Bicak - Richard McMahon 22/08/2019 19/09/2019
Piero Madau University of California Richard McMahon 01/09/2019 30/09/2019 H41 30803
Henry Whitehead Pembroke College - Summer Intern Avishai Gilkis 02/09/2019 06/09/2019 O14 37531
Dan Wilkins Stanford University Andy Fabian 09/09/2019 20/09/2019 H53 30895
Andres Piatti Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentine Wyn Evans 21/09/2019 28/09/2019
Lars Hernquist Harvard Debora Sijacki 23/10/2019 26/10/2019 Kavli TBC
Raphael Franz LMU Cathie Clarke 26/10/2019 24/11/2019