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Institute of Astronomy


Postal Address

Faculty of Physics & Chemistry
Institute of Astronomy
Madingley Road

Contact Details

Faculty Office: 01223 (3)37522

The Faculty Board is constituted according to the regulations laid down in the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge:

Members include the Heads of the Departments, members appointed by the University Council, members elected by the Faculty at its annual meeting, co-opted members and academic representatives (students) who are elected, by the student body. The Board meets seven times a year.



Chair of the Faculty Board & Degree Committee: Prof Cate Ducati Tel No: (01223) (3) 34566
Secretary of the Faculty Board: Mrs Angela Macharia Tel No: (01223) (3)37522

Secretary of the Degree Committee Dr Anna Constantas Tel No: (01223) (7)46766
Degree Committee Administrator Mr Nigel Jackson Tel No: (01223) (7)46764 

Faculty Board

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