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Institute of Astronomy



Some facilities, for example, access to some on-line journals or to our NoMachine remote desktop facility (restricted)are allowed based on network IP address.

When using a computer or mobile device connected to an external (to Cambridge University) or wireless network you may not have an IP address in the required range and access to these services could be denied.

IoA Managed VPN Configuration

University Information Services run a Managed VPN for the Institute of Astronomy. Using the Managed VPN allows you access to some of the computers behind the muon and NX gateways.

To configure your client computer for the IoA Managed VPN, please follow these instructions

Instructions for configuring Fedora for the VPN are available on our site

Checking your IP address

Go to and find your IP address.

If you are connected to the VPN your IP address will be in the following ranges:

Refresh that page after activating the VPN connection to check your current IP address. The address is shown below:

  • University VPN: 172.16.32.x to 172.16.39.x
  • IoA Managed VPN: 172.16.43.x