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Institute of Astronomy


Mrs C.M. Taylor (nee Kenworthy) (??) Research Assistant 1966-1974 at Cambridge Observatories

Henry Taylor (??) Junior Assistant at the Cambridge Observatory 1856-57

Andrew David Thackeray (1910-1978) educated at Eton and Kings College Cambridge, Assistant Director of Solar Physics Observatory 1937-1948, worked at Radcliffe Observatory, Pretoria 1948-74.  Author of "Astronomical Spectroscopy", London (1961).  Obituary in QJRAS 20 (1979) 216-220.

John Titterton (1830?-1914) Photographer of Ely, took with Canon William Selwyn, photographs of the solar disc 1863-74

Gordon I. Thompson  (1928-2006)  Queen's University, Belfast, then Imperial College, London Ph.D (1952) Junior Assistant Observer at Cambridge Observatory 1956-9, then Royal Observatory, Edinburgh retiring as a Principal Scientific Officer in 1988.  Biographical information from The Blackford Trust.

Sir Charles Todd (1826-1910) as Junior Assistant at the Cambridge Observatory 1847-54 he used the Northumberland Telescope to take a daguerreotype photograph of the Moon. He was later responsible for setting up the telegraph network in Australia.  See obituary in MNRAS 71 (1911) 272.

Henry David Todd (1836-1900) Computer at the Cambridge Observatory 1852-5 and 1859-60 and then Junior Assistant 1860-90, brother of Charles Todd

Samuel Vince (1749-1821) Graduated from Gonville and Caius 1775 senior wrangler, Smiths Prize, Sidney Sussex MA 1778, Copley Medal 1780, FRS 1786.  Plumian Professor: 1796-1821, published 'A Complete System of Astronomy' (3 volumes 1797-1808). ODNB. 

Miss Annie Walker (21 October 1863 - 2 March 1940) Computer at the Cambridge Observatory 1879-1882 (part time) then 1882-1903 (full time), she carried out the duties of an Observer, see 'Englishwoman's Review' September 15th, 1883 p. 417. Wikipedia  Also, ODNB article for Andrew Graham

Michael Heriot Huth Walters  (1909-1934) King's College, Cambridge (1928-1933), Rayleigh Prize (1933) researcher at the Cambridge Observatory c.1933 under W.M. Smart, died (aged 25) at Princeton.  There is a short biographical section at the front of a posthumously published pamphlet by him on "Globular Clusters" R.b.1242  Obits.  MNRAS 95 (1935) 333  The Observatory 57 (1934) 197

Instructor Captain Frank Lorimer Westwater R.N. (retd.) (?-1969 April 4)  Studied Mathematics at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Tyson Medal (1934). Royal Navy service. OBE (1954) Secretary of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy (IOTA) 1967-9. (The Times 8 April 1969 and 21 May 1969). He describes the new IOTA facilities in Nature, Volume 216, Issue 5114, pp. 432-433 (1967)

Frederick William 'Bill' Whittaker (?-?) Gardener at Cambridge Observatories 1946?-1977? (31 years service recorded in 1976-77 Annual Report)

John Michael Whittaker (died 16th February 2013 aged 65 years)  Gardener at Cambridge Observatories 1971-?  Son of F.W. Whittaker.

Evan Gwyn Williams (1905-1940) Graduate of Trinity College, Isaac Newton Studentship (1929), Junior Assistant Observer at S.P.O. 1936-7.  Obits. The Observatory, Vol. 63, p. 213-214 (1940)   MNRAS Vol. 101, p.141 (1941)

Charles Thomson Rees Wilson (1869-1959) was an Observer in Meteorological Physics at the Solar Physics Observatory 1913-26, awarded Nobel Prize for Physics 1927 for invention of the cloud chamber.  Biog. Mem. F.R.S. Vol. 6 (1960) pp. 269-295. ODNB

Roger Christopher Witcomb  (20 August 1941 - 11 March 1997)  B.Sc. Physics University of Birmingham (1964). D.Phil. Linacre College, Oxford : "Interaction of pions with complex nuclei" (1967). Junior Assistant Observer, Cambridge Observatories, 1969-1973.  FRAS (11 April 1969).  Later career with Rolls-Royce, and Smiths Industries.

Robert Woodhouse (1773-1827) astronomer & mathematician.  Gonville & Caius College senior wrangler and Smiths prize 1795, MA and fellowship 1798, FRS 1803. Plumian Professor: 1822-1827.  Married in 1823 Harriet Wilkins (?-who died at the Cambridge Observatory 31 March 1826).  Became the first Director of the Cambridge Observatory 1824-1827. Died at the Cambridge Observatory 23 December 1827. ODNB

Sir Richard van der Riet Woolley (1906-1986) Senior Assistant and JCA Astronomer at Cambridge Observatory 1937-1939, later Astronomer Royal 1956-1971. Obit. QJRAS Vol. 28, No. 4, p. 546 - 551 (1987)  The Observatory, vol. 107, p. 99-99 (1987)

Thomas Wilson Wormell (1903-1985) Observer in Meteorological Physics at Solar Physics Observatory 1926-46. See Obit. QJRAS 27 (1986) 131-132.

Gordon Worrall  (??)  Ph.D. 'Stellar Associations' (Cambridge 1965). Junior Assistant Observer 1966-72, solar astronomer, IAU member, later career with Open University

T. Wright (??) Computer at the Cambridge Observatory 1875-81

George Gilbert Yates (??) Senior Assistant Observer, Solar Physics/Combined Observatories 1946-56, later Technical Officer, then Senior Technical Officer at the Cavendish Laboratories 1960-62, 1964-77.  Also author of "A Guide to the Old Testament", Epworth Press, 1965.