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Prof Wyn Evans


Galactic structure and dynamics.  The bar, disk and halo of the Milky Way galaxy. The M31 galaxy and the Local Group.

The dark matter problem and  astroparticle physics. Extremely dark matter dominated objects such as the dwarf spheroidal and dwarf irregular galaxies of the Local Group.

Survey science, the Sloan Digital sky survey, the GAIA satellite, transient astronomy, science alerts.

Theoretical galaxy models, self-consistent solutions of the Boltzmann equation. Galactic stability and spiral structure.

Gravitational lensing and microlensing, the CASSOWARY project. The mathematical structure of lensing.

Solar system dynamics, extra-solar planets, numerical integration methods.

Non-linear science, integrability and chaos. Super-integrability.

Astroparticle physics. Ultra-high energy cosmic rays. 

Selected papers

Galactic Bulge & Bar:

Molloy M., Smith M.C., Shen J., Evans N.W., 2015 Resonant Clumping and Substructure in Galactic Discs, ApJ, in press

Molloy M, Smith M.C., Evans N.W., Shen J. 2015, Resonant Orbits and the High Velocity Peak towards the Bulge, ApJ, submitted

Dwarf Galaxies:

Koposov, S., Belokurov V., Torrealba G., Evans N.W., 2015, Beasts of the Southern Wild : Discovery of Nine Ultra-Faint Satellites in the Vicinity of the Magellanic Clouds, ApJ, in press 

Amorisco N.C., Evans N.W., van de Ven G., 2014  The Remnant of a Merger between Two Dwarf Galaxies in Andromeda II, Nature, 507, 335

Belokurov V., Koposov S., Evans N.W., et al., 2014 Precession of the Sagittarius stream, MNRAS, 437, 116

Kleyna J.T., Wilkinson M.I., Evans N.W., Gilmore G., 2002 Dark matter in dwarf spheroidals - II. Observations and modelling of Draco, MNRAS, 330, 792

Stellar Dynamics:

An J., Evans N.W,  2006,  A Cusp Slope-Central Anisotropy Theorem, ApJ, 642, 754

Evans, N.W., An J. 2005,  Hypervirial Models of Stellar Systems, MNRAS,  360, 492

Wilkinson M.I., Evans N.W. 1999, The Present and Future Mass of the Milky Way, MNRAS, 310, 645

Evans N.W., Read J.C.A., 1998, Stability of the Power-Law Disks, MNRAS,  300, 106

Evans N.W., 1994, The Power-Law Galaxies, MNRAS, 267, 333


Belokurov V., Evans N.W., Hewett P. et al. 2009 Two new large-separation gravitational lenses from SDSS, 392, 104

Belokurov V., Evans N.W., Mooisev A., et al. 2007,  The Cosmic Horseshoe: Discovery of an Einstein Ring around a Giant Luminous Red Galaxy, ApJ, 671, L9

Evans N.W, Hunter C., 2002, Lensing Properties of Cored Galaxy Models, ApJ, 575, 68

Dark Matter:

Gilmore G., Wilkinson M., Wyse R., Koch A., Evans N.W., Grebel G., 2007, The Observed Properties of Dark Matter on Small Spatial Scales, ApJ, 663, 948

Evans N.W, Ferrer F., Sarkar S. 2004, A Travel Guide to the Dark Matter Signal, Phys Rev D, 69, 123501

Sloan Discoveries:

Belokurov V., Zucker D., Evans N.W, et al., 2007, Cats and Dogs, Hair and a Hero: A Quintet of New Milky Way Companions, ApJ, 654, 897

Belokurov V.., Evans N.W., Bell E.T., et al. 2007, The Hercules-Aquila Cloud, ApJ, 657, L89

Belokurov V., Evans N.W., Irwin M.J., et al. 2007, An Orphan in the Field of Streams, ApJ, 658, 337

Belokurov V., Zucker D., Evans N.W., et al, 2006, The Field of Streams: Sagittarius and its Siblings, ApJ, 642, L137

Non-Linear Dynamics:

Verrier P., Evans N.W., 2008, A New Superintegrable Hamiltonian, JMP, 49, 2902

Evans N.W., 1990, Superintegrability in Classical and Quantum Mechanics, Phys Rev A, 41, 5666

Solar System Dynamics:

Horner J., Evans N.W.,  Bailey M.E., Asher D., 2003, The populations of Comet-like bodies in the Solar System, MNRAS, 343, 105

Evans N.W., Tabachnik S., 1999, Possible Long-lived Asteroid belts in the inner Solar System, Nature, 399, 41


Professor of Astrophysics at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University

Formerly, Reader in Theoretical Physics, Oxford University and Lindemann Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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