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Institute of Astronomy



From dark ages to the present days including astrophysics and cosmology with the 21-cm line of neutral hydrogen, intensity mapping of other molecular and atomic lines, structure formation, nature of dark matter, transient phenomena such as Fast Radio Bursts, low frequency radio observations and instrumentation.


Selected papers

"Signatures of Cosmic Ray Heating in 21-cm Observables", T Gessey-Jones, A. Fialkov, E. de Lera Acedo, W. Handley, R. Barkana 2023, MNRAS, 526, 4262

"Cosmic Web Dissection in Fuzzy Dark Matter Cosmologies", T. Dome, A. Fialkov, P. Mocz, N. Sartorio, 2023, MNRAS, 525, 348

"Population III X-ray Binaries and their Impact on the Early Universe", N. Sartorio, A. Fialkov, et al., 2023, MNRAS, 521, 4039

"Astrophysical constraints from the SARAS 3 non-detection of the cosmic dawn sky-averaged 21-cm signal", H. T. J. Bevins, A. Fialkov, et al., 2022, NatAs, 6, 1473

"Impact of the Primordial Stellar Initial Mass Function on the 21-cm Signal", T. Gessey-Jones, N. Sartorio, A. Fialkov, G. M. Mirouh, M. Magg, E. de Lera Acedo, W. J. Handley, R. Barkana, 2022, MNRAS, 516, 841

"What it takes to measure reionization with fast radio bursts", S. Heimersheim, N. Sartorio, A. Fialkov, D. Lorimer, 2022, ApJ, 933, 57

"HERA Phase I Limits on the Cosmic 21-cm Signal: Constraints on Astrophysics
and Cosmology During the Epoch of Reionization", The HERA Collaboration; including A. Fialkov, 2022, ApJ, 924, 51

"First Star-Forming Structures in Fuzzy Cosmic Filaments", P. Mocz, A. Fialkov, M. Vogelsberger, et al., 2019, PRL, 123, 1301

"The Observable Signature of Late Heating of the Universe during Cosmic Reionization", A. Fialkov, R. Barkana, E. Visbal, 2014, Nature, 506, 197



Oct 2023 - Present: Professor of Astrophysics and Cosmology, IoA, Cambridge University

Oct 2019 - Sept 2023: Lecturer, IoA, Cambridge University

2019-2023: Royal Society University Research Fellow

Oct-Dec 2018: Senior Kavli Fellowship, KICC and IoA

2015-2018: ITC Fellowship at the Institute for Theory and Computation at Harvard

2013-2015: Junior Research Chair (JRC) position at the International Center for fundamental Physics at Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS-ICFP) Ecole Normale Superiore (ENS), Paris


Ph.D. in physics at the Department of Particle Physics at  Tel Aviv University working with  Prof. Nissan Itzhaki  and  Prof. Rennan Barkana. 

B.Sc. in Physics and a B.A. in Electrical Engineering (specializing in Electro-optics and Digital Signal Processing) in 2006, the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

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