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Office: Hoyle H29
Office Tel: (01223) 766645
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I am interested in the theory of black hole accretion discs, specifically their in/stability and the many varied roles that magnetic fields can play as described by magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). I study these systems through a mix of theory and simulation using the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) code Athena++.

Selected papers

P.E. Rodman, R.J. Turner, S.S. Shabala, J.K. Banfield, O.-I. Wong, H. Andernach, A.F. Garon, A.D. Kapińska, R.P. Norris, L. Rudnick; Radio Galaxy Zoo: observational evidence for environment as the cause of radio source asymmetry (2018, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society)


2019–now: PhD Astronomy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
2016–2017: Undergraduate vacation scholar, CSIRO, Australia
2015–2016: Summer research student, University of Tasmania (UTAS), Australia


2019–now: PhD Astronomy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
2018: BSc Physics (Hons 1st), University of Tasmania, Australia
2015–2017: BSc Physics & Applied Mathematics, University of Tasmania, Australia

Awards and Prizes

2019: University Medal (UTAS) ▪ Cambridge Australia Honorary Scholarship ▪ Gates-Cambridge Scholarship
2018: Dean's Honour Roll (BSc Hons) ▪ Ken McCracken Prize ▪ Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Award
2017: Dean's Honour Roll (BSc) ▪ Don Gaffney Scholarship ▪ TEMCO Community Foundation Scholarship in Science ▪ Australian Institute of Physics Prize
2016: Sir Phillip Fysh Prize ▪ CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship
2015: John Fox Memorial Prize ▪ F.M. Young Memorial Prize
2014: Dr. Peter Smith Scholarship in the Physical Sciences

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