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Office: Kavli K14
Office Tel: (01223) 760796
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I am interested in theoretical and observational cosmology. My research focuses on the matter power spectrum and its suppression at small, non-linear scales. I use data from various galaxy surveys (specifically the Dark Energy Survey and the Kilo Degree Survey) and other astronomical data. 

Selected papers

A non-linear solution to the S8 tension II: Analysis of DES Year 3 cosmic shear -



Member of Dark Energy Survey: October 2022


2022 - Present: PhD - University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy/Kavli Institute for Cosmology

2021 - 2022: MSci - University of Cambridge, Robinson College

2018 - 2021: BA - University of Cambridge, Robinson College

Awards and Prizes

Warden's Prize - Robinson College - Awarded 2022

Mather's Research Grant - Robinson College - Awarded 2022

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