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Astronomers find remains of ancient globular cluster

Published on 05/01/2022 

An international team of researchers (including astrophysicists from the University of Cambridge) have discovered a the remains of a unique globular cluster which appears to be a relic from the very early Universe. 

Unveiling substructures at the edge of the Galaxy

Published on 14/12/2021 

An international team of astronomers, including researchers at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, has revealed a new map of the Milky Way’s outer disc using data from the Gaia space misison. The findings have been published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Astronomers detect gas released in a giant planetary collision

Published on 20/10/2021 

An international team of astronomers from MIT, the National University of Ireland at Galway, University of Cambridge, and elsewhere have discovered evidence of a giant impact that occurred in a nearby star system, just 95 light years from Earth. The study represents the first detection of a planetary atmosphere that was vaporised by a giant impact.

New class of habitable exoplanets represent a big step forward in the search for life

Published on 26/08/2021 

A new class of exoplanet very different to our own, but which could support life, has been identified by astronomers, which could greatly accelerate the search for life outside our Solar System.

Unique exoplanet photobombs Cheops study of nearby star system

Published on 30/06/2021 

While exploring two exoplanets in a bright nearby star system, ESA’s exoplanet-hunting Cheops satellite has unexpectedly spotted the system’s third known planet crossing the face of the star. This transit reveals exciting details about a rare planet “with no known equivalent”, say the researchers.