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Cathie Clarke elected Fellow of the Royal Society

Published on 11/05/2023 

Cathie Clarke was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in May 2023. Prof. Clarke studies astrophysical fluid dynamics, including accretion and protoplanetary discs and stellar winds.

Tracing 13 billion years of history by the light of ancient quasars

Published on 08/03/2023 

An internation team of astrophysicists (including IoA Professor Martin Haehnelt) have shed new light on the state of the universe 13 billion years ago by

Hiranya Peiris appointed Professor of Astrophysics (1909)

Published on 24/02/2023 

World-leading cosmologist Professor Hiranya Peiris has been appointed Professor of Astrophysics (1909) at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. 

Astronomers observe light bending around an isolated white dwarf

Published on 15/02/2023 

Astronomers have directly measured the mass of a dead star using an effect known as gravitational microlensing, first predicted by Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity, and first observed by two Cambridge astronomers 100 years ago.

More clues to understand our early Universe

Published on 30/01/2023 

An array of 350 radio telescopes in the Karoo desert of South Africa is getting closer to detecting “the Epoch of Re-ionization” &