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Speaker Talk Date Talk Series
Pieter Van Dokkum (Yale) 12 March 2015 The Eddington Lectures



While there have been tremendous advances in our imaging
and spectroscopic capabilities over the past decades, the low surface
brightness sky remains relatively unexplored. The Dragonfly
Telephoto Array was developed with the specific aim of detecting
the diffuse emission from large, low surface brightness
objects and structures. The talk will discuss the Dragonfly
concept, and highlight recent and ongoing science projects.
The most striking early result from Dragonfly is the discovery of a
substantial population of large, diffuse galaxies in the Coma cluster.
These objects are as faint as dwarf galaxies in the Local Group
but as large as the Milky Way. It is not yet understood how these
galaxies were formed, and how they are able to survive in the
cluster environment.



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