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Dr Jiachen Jiang


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Office: Hoyle H56
Office Tel: (01223) 339281
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I am the Leverhulme/Isaac Newton Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy. My research interest includes multi-wavelength observations of AGN, black hole X-ray transients or any other object that is accreting.

I am also a College Fellow (type-B) at St Edmund's College, a member of the College's governing body, and one of the Fellow's Stewards. When I am not in my office, you may also find me teaching Physics 1A supervisions at Robinson College and Christ's College or feasting in Colleges' formal hall dinners.

Selected papers

Jiang, J.; Gallo, L. C; Grupe, D.; Parker, M. L. (2022). "Comparing Reflection and Absorption Models for the Soft X-ray Variability in the NLS1 AGN UGC 11763" In: Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soc., 516, 4256
Jiang, J.; Buisson, D. J. K.; Dauser, T.; Fabian, A. C.; Furst, F.; Gallo, L. C.; Harrison, F. A.; Parker, M. L.; Steiner, J. F.; Tomsick, J. A.; Ubach, S.; Walton, D. J. (2022). "A NuSTAR and Swift View of the Hard State of MAXI J1813-095" In: Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soc., 514, 1952.
Jiang, J.; Abdikamalov, A. B.; Bambi, C.; Reynolds, C. S. (2022). "Black Hole Spin Measurements Based on a Thin Disc Model with Finite Thickness I. An example study of MCG-06-30-15" In: Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soc., 514, 3246.
Jiang, J.; Dauser, T.; Fabian, A. C.; Alston, W. N.; Gallo, L. C.; Parker, M. L.; Reynolds, C. S. (2022). "XMM-Newton Observations of the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy IRAS 13224$-$3809: X-ray Spectral Analysis II." In: Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soc., 514, 1107.
Liu, L.; Jiang, J.; Zhang, Z.; Bambi, C.; Ji, L.; Kong, L.; Zhang, S. (2022). "Rapidly Alternating Flux States of GX 339-4 During its 2021 Outburst Captured by Insight-HXMT" In: Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soc., 513, p.4308-4317


  • 2022 Mar - present Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge (Leverhule/Isaac Newton Fellow)
  • 2019 Nov - 2021 Dec Department of Astronomy, Tsinghua University (TAO Fellow, Shui'Mu Scholar)
  • 2016 Oct - 2019 Oct Wolfson College, Cambridge University, Cambridge (PhD in Astronomy)
  • 2014 Oct - Dec University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC (Exchange student)
  • 2012 Sept - 2016 Sept Xide College 希德书院, Fudan University, Shanghai (BS in Physics)
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