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Kepler telescope spies details of TRAPPIST-1 system’s outermost planet

press release 22nd May 2017

New observations with the Kepler Space Telescope confirm the prediction that the seventh and outermost planet of the TRAPPIST-1 systemorbits its star every 18.77 days.     Read more...

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Icy ring around young planetary system has similar chemical fingerprint to our solar system

press release 18th May 2017

The most detailed image of the ring of dusty debris surrounding a young star reveals that the ice content of colliding comets within it is similar to comets in our own solar system.     Read more...

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Using novel gas observations to probe exocomet composition

news story 5th May 2017

Astronomers have determined a way to tell the chemical composition of exocomets in a large number of nearby planetary systems for the first time, using the comparison of a new gas model to recent ALMA data.     Read more...

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Ripples in Cosmic Web Measured Using Rare Double Quasars

press release 27th April 2017

Astronomers have made the first measurements of small-scale fluctuations in the cosmic web just 2 billion years after the Big Bang. These measurements were enabled by a novel technique using pairs of quasars to probe the cosmic web along adjacent, closely separated lines of sight.      Read more...

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The spiralling signatures of planet formation

press release 24th April 2017

A young star recently observed to be surrounded by spiralling gas and dust could be one of the first to show planet formation ‘in action’ via a mechanism once thought to be unlikely.     Read more...

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Research at the Institute of Astronomy

The Institute of Astronomy researches across the entire breadth of astronomy. Find out more about our current fields of research and project involvement.     Read more...

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Upcoming Talks at the IoA

Wednesday 31 May 2017
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Matthew Smith
Modelling supernova feedback in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation
Time: 13:15-13:45  [details]
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Thomas de Boer
The fall of the Northern Unicorn: Proper motions of the Monoceros stream and ring
Time: 13:45-14:15  [details]
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Ingo Waldmann (UCL)
Dreaming of Atmospheres
Time: 16:00-17:00  [details]