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Flashes of light on dark matter

press release 20th July 2017

Studying the intergalactic space using the light coming from very distant quasars: thanks to simulations using a supercomputer, new research has offered new evidence on one of the great mysteries of the Universe.     Read more...

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A star the size of Saturn

press release 12th July 2017

The smallest star yet measured has been discovered by a team of astronomers led by the University of Cambridge.      Read more...

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The fastest stars in the Milky Way are ‘runaways’ from another galaxy

press release 5th July 2017

The fastest-moving stars in the Milky Way – which are travelling so fast that they are escaping the Milky Way – are in fact runaways from a much smaller galaxy in orbit around our own.      Read more...

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IoA graduate student's camera work included in new documentary

New story 28th June 2017

Timelapses and video footage from IoA graduate student Bjoern Soergel are included in the documentary 'Seeing the Beginning of Time' now available on Amazon Prime.     Read more...

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ESA exoplanet PLATO mission moves towards construction

Press release 20 June 2017

The ESA SPC meeting on 20-21 June has now agreed to the adoption of the PLATO mission, following its selection in February 2014.     Read more...

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Third detection of gravitational waves

press release 1st June 2017

Results confirm new population of black holes.    

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Research at the Institute of Astronomy

The Institute of Astronomy researches across the entire breadth of astronomy. Find out more about our current fields of research and project involvement.     Read more...

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Upcoming Talks at the IoA

Wednesday 30 August 2017
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Suhail Dhawan (Stockholm)
Measuring the Hubble constant with Type Ia supernovae as near-infrared standard candles
Time: 13:15-13:45  [details]
Wednesday 06 September 2017
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Deyan Mihaylov
Astrometric search method for gravitational waves
Time: 13:15-13:45  [details]
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Kyoko Onishi (Ehime University)
ALMA high-resolution observations of molecular gas kinematics in nearby galaxies
Time: 13:45-14:15  [details]