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Long Term Visitors

Dr Kohei HattoriObs O18(3)37535khattori
Prof Cyril HazardObs O29(3)37544
Dr Julien MalzacHoyle H25(7)
Dr David Valls-GabaudHoyle H06(7)66680-

Current Visitors

Name Affiliation Host Arrival Departure Office Phone
David Valls-Gabaud Observatory of Paris Andy Fabian 01/09/2015 31/08/2016 H13 37518
Jarrod Hurley University of Swinburne Chris Tout 01/09/2015 31/12/2015 H11 37508
Seppo Mattila Turku, Finland Gerry Gilmore/Morgan Fraser 01/09/2015 30/06/2016 Library area
Camila Andrea Navarrete Silva Universidad Católica de Chile Vasily Belokurov 17/09/2015 15/03/2016 O27 to 31st Dec 15 37540
Becky Canning Stanford Andy Fabian 19/11/2015 03/12/2015 H53 30895
Anna Sippel MPIA - Munchen Sverre Aarseth 26/11/2015 01/12/2015 H15 30803

Future Visitors

Name Affiliation Host Arrival Departure Office Phone
Mihkel Kama University of Leiden Madhu Nikku 02/12/2015 03/12/2015 H15 30803
Brian McNamara University of Waterloo Andy Fabian/Helen Russell 04/12/2015 11/12/2015 H53 30895
Monica Relano Pastor Grenada Rob Kennicutt 07/12/2015 11/12/2015 H15 30803
Nina Hernitschek MPIA Vasily Belokurov 07/12/2015 11/12/2015 H27- visitor space 66653
Paul Nulsen Harvard Andy Fabian/Helen Russell 07/12/2015 11/12/2015 H15 30803
Martin Smith Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Wyn Evans 14/12/2015 18/12/2015 H15 30803
Name Affiliation Host Arrival Departure Office Phone
Xiaohui Fan Unversity of Arizona Rob Kennicutt 04/01/2016 31/07/2016 H63
Tulio Bagnole - Nathalie Degenaar 25/01/2016 06/02/2016 H53
Ivan Hubeny (estimated dates) University of Arizona Madhu Nikku 01/02/2016 30/06/2016 H12
Michael Brown Monash University Robert Kennicutt 20/06/2016 30/07/2016