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Welcome to sverre.com - N-body Simulations online

Here we can put a brief introductory text for the site which can be complemented by the following list of things. we can also include a nice picture either of the orbits you sent me or of the globular cluster you sent me. This introduction should fulfill the following: Briefly and effectively tell the surfer what this site is about and what the goal of the site is (allow people to fiddle with real-time N-body simulations as an accompaniment to the book?).
That's an important requirement for the ease of use of the site.

What do we want here:
Here we put some descriptions of the features of the website.
These descriptions can relate to the links in the navigation for more details.

N-body problem:
The N-body problem is obviously very difficult and has an interesting history. It is also - if I remember well - one of the 10 big maths problems to be solved by the end of the 21st century with some prize or something. I don't remember but...
I suggest we write a brief history of the N-body problem in the navigation on the left.

Planets, Globular Clusters and Galaxies:
Here I suggest a description of the astronomical bjects to which teh N-body simulations apply. This is heaven for nice pictures!
In fact, clusters of all kinds are so interesting that it would be nice to have a page dedicated to their description.

The book and the code:
Here I suggest you put a very short background to your research and book and how it led to the creation of this website. The description of the background can be linked to the bibliography page and the book would obviously be linked to the page about the book.

On all pages I would have some illustration as here but they would be related to the content of the page. I need to go and find some more images and crop them for use on the web site but with this, I think you get the idea.

Then if you want to add some more stuff here seems a good place. Here I would see something with how to contact you if there any questions and a message like:

I hope you enjoy the site!      

Sverre Aarseth