Here you'll find some info about the sort of work I'm involved with at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge.

My main University page is at and is usually more up to date than here.

The following pages cover:

SCIENCE: I'm active in a range of activities, from large scale surveys: from utilising SN as probes of cosmology to studies of our own Mlky Way utilising Gaia. Find out more at on the Science pages.

DATA: I've a leadership role in a range of data processing and analysis projects in astronomy, from VISTA to Gaia to future projects such as Plato. Find out more on the Data pages

MEDICAL: I'm leading an innovate initiative utilising data processing techniques developed in astronomy and applying these to the challenges of medical microscopy imagery. We're working with colleagues in Cancer Research-UK, currently aiding in their search for new techniques aimed at the treatment of breast cancer. Find out more on the Medical pages.

VO: over the last decade I have been a leader in the world wide development of the Virtual Observatory. This links together data from around the worl, and provides a common means of access to this data and associated data. Truly 'cloud' computing. Find out more on the VO pages.

TEACH: I've supervised a number of PhD students, and presented a new course on use of the Virtual Observatory. Find out more on the teach pages.