Institute of Astronomy

Previous Public Talks

Date Talk Title Speaker Group Booking Weather No. of Visitors Handout
5th Oct Latest results from Gaia Gerry Gilmore - Clear 200
12th Oct Proxima b: the closest Earth-like planet? Ryan MacDonald Amino Cloudy 175
19th Oct Planet-eating white dwarfs Amy Bonsor Sawston scouts Cloudy 135
26th Oct Mapping the Universe with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Daniel Eisenstein - half term - Clear 210
2nd Nov Receding horizons: the discovery of other galaxies and the birth of cosmology Anna Schooneveld Murray Edwards Franklin Society Clear 180
9th Nov Gravitational waves - listening to the birth of the Universe Deyan Mihaylov Hitchin Priory Rotary Club Cloudy 130
16th Nov Finding earth-like planets Amaury Triaud 1st Fenstanton and Hilton scouts. Cloudy 170
23rd Nov Forming the most massive stars in the Universe John Ilee 2nd St Neots scouts Cloudy 130
30th Nov How clumpy is the dark matter in the Milky Way? Denis Erkal Larmor Society, St John's Clear 190
7th Dec What heated up the Universe? Girish Kulkarni Linton scouts Partly Clear 175
14th Dec Exploring Inner and Outer Space with the Dark Energy Survey William Wester students from Beal High School Clear 165
4th Jan Early views of the Moon Carolin Crawford - Cloudy 135
11th Jan Supermassive black hole binaries: the long journey to coalescence Davide Fiacconi - Partly Clear 140
18th Jan A dark matter: seeing the invisible Rupert Allison - Partly Clear 140
25th Jan Alien Megastructures or a Cloud of Comets? Christina Hedges 16th Cambridge Scouts Cloudy 140
1st Feb How far are the Seven Sisters? Thomas Maedler Pupils from King's Ely School Cloudy 92
8th Feb Black holes: Where do they come from, and where are they now? Colin deGraf 1st Littleport Scout Troop Cloudy 159
15th Feb Astrophysics for Super-villains Scott Thomas half-term Raining 190
Date Talk Title Speaker Group Booking Weather No. of Visitors Handout
7th Oct Galactic Archaeology: Peering into the Milky Way's Past Keith Hawkins Bellerby's College A-level class Cloudy 137
14th Oct Scale of the Universe Christina Hedges 1st St Michaels Mead Scout Group Raining 167
21st Oct Dwarf Planet Discoveries: the latest on Ceres, Pluto and beyond Sonali Shukla - Cloudy 95
28th Oct Mars vs 'The Martian' Carolin Crawford - half term - Clear 230
4th Nov Tiny but powerful - the smallest supermassive black holes Jenny Greene - Raining 105
11th Nov Next generation telescopes Michael Parker Blacktrace Social Club Cloudy 138
18th Nov Bubbles and filaments in galaxy clusters Helen Russell 2nd Hunts Hinchingbrooke Park Scouts Partly Clear 128
25th Nov Brown Dwarfs Sonali Shukla Hitchin Probus Club Partly Clear 184
2nd Dec Gaia Alerts: science from the first year Heather Campbell Amino Communications Ltd Cloudy 110
9th Dec Accreting black holes: Welcome to the feast! Matt Middleton - Cloudy 115
16th Dec Monsters in the dark; hunting for the Universe's most extreme galaxies Matt Bothwell - Cloudy 100
23rd Dec NO EVENT - Holidays - - -