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Public Open Night Talk Schedule 2006-07

Date Lecturer Title No. of Visitors Weather Handout
* 11th October Carolin Crawford Why is Pluto no longer a planet? * 65 cloudy! 2006-10-11
18th October Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams The view from the centre of the Universe 140 cloudy... 2006-10-18
25th October Natasha Maddox How to find a quasar 35 raining! 2006-10-25
1st November Michael Fellhauer Galactic Cannibalism:
How the Milky Way eats its dwarf companions
160 clear at last 2006-11-01
8th November Carolin Crawford Heavenly Music of the Universe (Cambridge Music Festival) ~130 rain 2006-11-08
15th November Robin Catchpole Are we star dust or nuclear waste? 75 cloudy 2006-11-15
22nd November Neil Trentham Images with the Hubble Space Telescope ~85 raining! 2006-11-22
29th November James Graham Dark Matter: the hunt for a hidden Universe ~160 hazy 2006-11-29
6th December Andrew Pontzen Are computers consummate calculators of the cosmos? ~110 patchy 2006-12-06
13th December Anthony Challinor Looking back to the dawn of time with the cosmic microwave background ~50 cloudy :( 2006-12-13
20th December (Panel) Any Questions? Ask an astronomer.... 25 thick fog 2006-12-20
27th December Christmas break - - - -
3rd January New Year break - - - -
10th January Ranjan Vasudevan Leviathians of the cosmos: supermassive black holes 80 clear 2007-01-10
17th January Damien Quinn Astronomical Blunders 60 cloudy 2007-01-17
*24th January Carolin Crawford Comets* 125 patchy cloud 2007-01-24
**31st January Adam Miller Is there life out there? The search for extrasolar planets** 110 haze 2007-01-31
7th February Adam Morgan Why the sun shines ~120 clear at last! 2007-02-07
**14th February Rob Kennicutt The Universe through the eyes of the Spitzer Space Telescope** 110 clear! 2007-02-14
21st February Elena Belsole Cosmic Collisions 95 clear 2007-02-21
28th February Virginia Corless Illuminating the Invisible: Dark Matter in the Universe 80 clear 2007-02-28
7th March Steve Wilkins Why the future isn't so bright : the history and future of star formation 135 clear 2007-03-07
14th March Derek Jones National Scandal - how we didn't discover Neptune 350-400 clear 2007-03-14
*21st March Carolin Crawford Peculiar Galaxies* 350-400 clearish 2007-03-21
28th March Mary Erlund A closer look at Radio Galaxies 100 clear/hazy 2007-03-28

Statistics for the 2006/07 observing season:

  • We held 23 public sessions, and carried out observing on 11 evenings.
  • The average weekly attendance was around 115 people.

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