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Our public open evenings are held every Wednesday during the Winter season (October - March).  They will begin on Wed. 4th October. 

Find out what's involved; and a list of talks from this past season. 

Members of our outreach team can either arrange for students to visit the Insititute or for us to come visit a school. We offer presentations at all key stages covering all topics in astronomy.

We can accommodate bookings for community groups to visit the Institute. Depending on the weather, we can host observing through the site telescopes, including perhaps an early evening visit for younger groups of cubs or brownies. This option is only practicable during the months of October-March, otherwise it gets dark too late.

  • For the Media

We can provide information about recent astronomical discoveries and upcoming observable events in the night sky for members of the media. Please contact a member of our outreach team for more information. 

Outreach Team

Need more information or have more questions? Feel free to contact:

Dr. Carolin Crawford                             

Public Astronomer                                 

csc AT                              




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