Institute of Astronomy

Creativity and Curiosity


A capsule exhibition that explores the richness of space imagery. By visual artists Ione Parkin, Alision Lochhead and Gillian McFarland as a response to dialogue with planetary geophysicists and astronomers from institutions including the Instiute of Astronomy. 

Creativity and Curiosity

Saturday 25 March 2:00-6:00pm
Institute of Astronomy
Artist Workshops:
Suitable for ages 8+

Planetary Surface Printmaking  in response to Ione Parkin's Work

Ione has been fascinated by ideas about the early formation of the universe, the intensity of supernovae and the forces of destruction and creation.  Her work shows the beauty of astronomical entities produced by such violent and extreme reactions. This workshop will explore ideas around planetary surfaces and the processes involved in creating those surfaces.  Using raw pigments, powdered copper and other materials we will respond to those surfaces and create textural prints imagining undiscovered planets.


Revolving Planets- Drawing in response to Gillian McFarland's Work

Gillian works with impacts on paper plotting the motion and travel of Planets to create beautifully intricate and tactile map images on paper. This workshop will explore orbiting and rotation of planets as they revolve and spin around each other. 

This exhibition is in addition to the main exhibition which will be taking place as listed below:
Monday 13 March: 10:00am - 9:00pm 
Tuesday 14 March: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Christ's College, Lasdun Function Room, Yusuf Hamied Centre, St Andrew's Street, CB2 3BU
There will be an accompanying lecture by Gary Fildes 
For more information, please visit Creativity and Curiosity 
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