Vasily Belokurov
Reader in Astrophysics
at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

Graduated from Moscow State University, Relativistic Astrophysics Department, Sternberg Astronomical Institute.
I did my DPhil at the University of Oxford where I worked with Wyn Evans.

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In Soviet Russia, stars observe you!!
Support gravity, my people would.
email: vasily at
phone: +44 1223 337515
office: Hoyle H20
address: Institute of Astronomy
  Madingley Road
  Cambridge, CB30HA

Milky Way Halo
Put your objects on the map of the MW stellar halo. Also plots various satellites from these lists

a simple IDL optimization routine loosely based on genetic algorithms

Microlensing maps
Maps of microlensing optical depth towards the Bulge in three different Galaxy models

Unsupervised classification scheme for a large lightcurve dataset
The Gaia Sausage: the major collision that changed the Milky Way
 Cambridge University PR

A bridge of stars connects two dwarf galaxies
 Cambridge University PR

Sgr tails
 Cambridge University PR

Discovery of 4 new dwarfs
 New Scientist,

Discovery of CVn and Boo dwarfs
 SDSS press release
 New Scientist

Field of Streams
 SDSS press release
 New Scientist



3 most recent refereed papers on ADS
Aug 2019 'The total mass of the Large Magellanic Cloud from its perturbation on the Orphan stream'
In a companion paper by Koposov et al

Jun 2019 'The hidden giant: discovery of an enormous Galactic dwarf satellite in Gaia DR2'
We report the discovery of a Milky Way satellite in the constellation of Antlia

Jun 2019 'Ongoing astrometric microlensing events from VVV and Gaia'
We extend predictive microlensing event searches using the Vista Variables in the Via Lactea survey and the second Gaia data release

All publications in ADS 
3 most recent ArXiv papers
2019-05-20 'Ongoing astrometric microlensing events from VVV and Gaia'

2019-04-17 'The Tilt of the Local Velocity Ellipsoid as Seen by Gaia'

2019-04-16 'The Pisces Plume and the Magellanic Wake'

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Some are on the old Oxford homepage

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 Snow in Cambridge, 03/03/2005
 21, 22, 23 January 2005
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 Graduation, October 2004
 Moscow, July 2004