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The Cambridge Stellar Evolution Group meets once a week at 4pm in the Observatory Meeting Room in the Institute of Astronomy. This page is maintained by Joe Walmswell, a fourth-year PhD student and group secretary (

Cake Rota

As we all know, great science requires lots of cake. These are the projected cake dates for group members, subject to appeal.

19th April: Joseph Walmswell

26th April: Joe Walmswell

Poem of the Month

'On Citations'

Now let citations always be your aim:
Each extra one's the thousandth part of fame!
It matters how you get them not at all.
So cite yourself, they add up all the same.
Cite others too, let reference sections swell,
This show of learning will then serve you well.
A hundred papers prove you know your stuff.
So you've not read them, why then, who can tell?