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The STARS code was originally developed in the 1970's by Peter Eggleton. Over the years, the code has been gradually updated to it's current form. These pages are intended to act as a user guide for the current version (2000) of the code.

General User Guide

How the STARS code works
Input and output
Stellar recipes

For a more detailed view of the physics and principles of the code, see the following references:

Eggleton, P.P. (1971) MNRAS 151, 351
This deals with automatic positioning of mesh points in the non-Lagrangian mesh which is used.

Eggleton, P.P. (1972) MNRAS 156, 361
This deals with the treatment of convective and semi-convective mixing.

Eggleton, P.P., Faulkner, J. and Flannery, B.P. (1973) A&A 23, 325
This deals with the equation of state.

Eggleton, P.P. (1973) MNRAS 163, 279
Applies the code to a 4 solar mass star, from main sequence to carbon ignition.

Han, Z., Podsiadlowski, P., & Eggleton, P.P. (1994) MNRAS 270, 121
A recent brief update on the procedures used.

Pols, O., Tout, C.A., Eggleton, P.P., & Han, Z. (1995) MNRAS 274, 964
An update on the equation of state, opacity and nuclear reaction network.

A reference to one or more of these (as appropriate) would be appreciated if you find the code useful.

People involved with STARS

Below are a list of people who have worked on or with the STARS code, most often as PhD students at IoA. Where appropriate, I have indicated their year of graduation, and, where available, their current location (and a link to their website).

Enhanced CO Tables

For readers of "A more detailed look at the Opacities for Enriched Carbon and Oxygen Mixtures". 2004, MNRAS, 348, 201, astro-ph/0310255 who wish to obtain the code, tables and details of our new tables can e-mail for details or click here for the tables and code.

Evolutionary Tracks

Evolutionary tracks calculated using the STARS code are available here.

Interested in compiler/platform run times?

Sun Grid Engine (IoA only)

Richard Stancliffe put together a useful guide to running jobs on the Grid Engine.
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