The STARS Code - With Enhanced Carbon and Oxygen Opacity Tables.

Disclaimer - the code offered here is not guaranteed to be bug-free! If you do find something, please let us know (especially if you know how to fix it too!).

To download most of the files on this page you must have the same password (obtain them now from our password robot here) as for the main version of the Stars code. However the following files can be downloaded without this password:
COtables.pdf or the instructions for the tables
, COtables.020.gz the solar metalicity tables.

The following items need to be downloaded for you to be able to use the code:

The first contains the code itself. The second contains a modin file, a data file, a run file, a COtables file, a makefile file and a phys02.dat file. These auxiliary files will let you evolve a one solar mass star. The run file is the batch file that will setup and link all the files. All you have to do is compile the fortran files. Note edit the makefile for your own compiler.

The bonus.tar.gz file contains extra zero-age main-sequence models. It contains a number at solar metallicity and ten solar mass models at various metallicities. The files can be copied to the modin file and evolved using the different opacity tables below and the correct details in the data file.

Instructions and details of the new Enhance Carbon and Oxygen Tables can be found here: or COtables.pdf
Individual opacity tables are available as follows:
COtables_z000.gz for Z=0
COtables_z00001.gz for Z=0.00001
COtables_z00003.gz for Z=0.00003
COtables_z0001.gz for Z=0.0001
COtables_z0003.gz for Z=0.0003
COtables_z001.gz for Z=0.001
COtables_z002.gz for Z=0.002
COtables_z003.gz for Z=0.003
COtables_z004.gz for Z=0.004
COtables_z006.gz for Z=0.006
COtables_z008.gz for Z=0.008
COtables_z010.gz for Z=0.01
COtables_z020.gz for Z=0.02
COtables_z030.gz for Z=0.03
COtables_z040.gz for Z=0.04
COtables_z050.gz for Z=0.05

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