POLARBEAR telescope, Chile

South Pole Telescope

Prof. Scott C. Chapman

Professor in Astrophysics
University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy

  • Galaxy Formation and Evolution
  • Observational Cosmology
  • Submillimeter Luminous Galaxies
  • Submillimeter-wave Instrumentation
  • Near-field cosmology; Fossil Records in the Local Group

  • Submm Galaxies and Cosmology - Main projects:

  • SHRUGS (2001-present) PI: S. Chapman (Spectroscopic High-Redshift Ultraluminous Galaxies Survey)
  • POLARBEAR (2011-present) PI: A. Lee;
  • SouthPoleTelescope (2009-present) PI: J. Carlstrom/ J. Vieira (SMGs) - Chapman PI of VLT optical/IR followup
  • SouthPoleTelescope-SPTpol (2011-present) PI: J. Carlstrom;
  • HerMES (2009-present) PI: S. Oliver; Chapman leading OFRG subgroup
  • LESS (2007-) PI: I. Smail; 870um survey of CDF-S with LABOCA
  • AEGIS-DEEP2/3 (2005-present) PI: S. Faber; Chapman PI of VLA radio survey (AEGIS-20)
  • SCUBA2 Cosmology Legacy Survey (2010-)
  • e-MERLIN Legacy programme (2008-) PI: T. Muxlow
  • 5MUSES (2006-present) PI: G. Helou; (Spitzer IRS spectroscopy of all 24um sources brighter than 5mJy) Chapman PI of VLT followup to distant sources
  • Candels (HST-WFC3; 2010-) PI: S. Faber;
  • Goods NICMOS Survey (GNS) (2007-present) PI: C. Conselice
  • SERVS (2008-present) PI: M. Lacy
  • MIGHTEE (2009-) PI: M. Jarvis
  • SHADES (2005-) PI: J. Dunlop
  • FLS-westerbork (2005-present) PI: S. Chapman (21cm deep radio survey in the Spitzer FLS collaboration)

    Stellar Populations, Local Group - Main projects:

  • M31-AKAME (2002-present) PI: S. Chapman (M31, Keck-DEIMOS spectroscopic survey, kinematics and metallicites)
  • NGVS (2007-) PI: L. Ferrarese (Next Generation Virgo survey)
  • PANDAS (2007-) PI: A. McConnachie (M31/M33 survey imaging)
  • Gaia-ESO Survey (2011-) PI: G. Gilmore (VLT-FLAMES Galaxy survey)

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