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Selected Publications

Submillimeter and other high-z dusty galaxies

Luminous starbursts in the redshift desert at z=1-2: star formation rates, masses and evidence for outflows
Banerji, Manda; Chapman, S. C.; Smail, Ian et al., 2011, MNRAS, 418, 1071

Molecular Gas in Submillimetre-Faint, Star-Forming Ultraluminous Galaxies at z > 1
Casey, C. M.; Chapman, S. C.; Neri, R.; Bertoldi, F., et al., 2011, 1MNRAS, 415, 2723

Chapman S.C., Blain, Ibata, Ivison, Smail, 2009, ApJ, 691, 560

Constraining Star Formation and AGN in z~2 Massive Galaxies using High Resolution MERLIN Radio Observations
Casey C., Chapman S.C., Muxlow T., Beswick R., Alexander D., Conselice C.
2009, ApJ,

Submillimeter detection of the z=2.83 Lyman-break galaxy, Westphal-MM8, and implications for SCUBA2
Chapman S.C., Casey C.,
2009, MNRAS,

Submillimeter Galaxies at z~2: Evidence for Major Mergers & Constraints on Lifetimes, IMF and CO-H2 conversion factor
Tacconi L., Genzel R., Smail I., Neri R., Chapman S.C., et al.,
2008, ApJ, in press

AEGIS20: a radio survey of the Extended Groth Strip
Ivison R., Chapman S.C., Faber S., et al.,
2007, ApJ,

High-resolution Millimeter Imaging of Submillimeter Galaxies
Tacconi L., Neri R., Chapman S.C., et al.,
2006, ApJ, 640, 228

A spectroscopic survey of the submillimeter galaxy population
Chapman S.C., Blain A., Smail I., Ivison
2005, ApJ, 622, 772

Revealing the hidden black hole growth phase of massive galaxies
Alexander D., Smail I., Bauer F., Chapman S., Blain A., Ivison R.,Brandt N.'
2005, Nature, 434, 738

The Rest-Frame Optical Properties of SCUBA Galaxies
Smail I., Chapman S.C., Blain A., Ivison R.,
2004, ApJ, 616, 71

The Rest-frame Optical Spectra of SCUBA Galaxies
Swinbank M., Smail I., Chapman S.C., Blain A., Ivison R., Keel B.
2004, ApJ, 617, 64

A population of hot, dusty ultra-luminous galaxies at z~2
S.Chapman, I.Smail, A.Blain, R.Ivison
2004, ApJ, 614, 671

Evidence for extended, obscured starbursts in submm galaxies
S. Chapman, Ian Smail, R. Windhorst, T. Muxlow, R. Ivison
2004, ApJ, 611, 732

The clustering of submillimeter galaxies
Blain, A., Chapman, S.C., Smail, I., Ivison, R.
2004, ApJ, 611, 725

A median redshift of 2.4 for galaxies bright at submillimetre wavelengths
S.Chapman, A.Blain, R.Ivison, I.Smail
2003, Nature, 422, 695

Nature of the bright sub-mm galaxy population: an optically faint radio selected sample
S.Chapman, E.Richards, G.Lewis, G.Wilson, A. Barger
2001, The Astrophysical Journal, 548, L147

Sub-mm imaging of a proto-cluster region at z=3.09
S.Chapman, G. F. Lewis, D. Scott, E. Richards, C. Borys, C. C. Steidel, K. L. Adelberger, A. E. Shapley
2001, The Astrophysical Journal, 548, L17

Andromeda / Local Group

Kinematic and Chemical constraints on the formation of M31's inner and outer halo
A. Koch, R.M. Rich, D. Reitzel, N.F. Martin, R.A. Ibata, S.C. Chapman, et al.,
2008, ApJ

A Keck/DEIMOS spectroscopic survey of faint Galactic satellites: searching for the least massive dwarf galaxies
Martin N., Ibata R., Chapman S., Irwin M., Lewis G.
2007, ApJ

Strangers in the night: Discovery of a dwarf spheroidal galaxy on its first Local Group infall
Chapman S., Penarrubia J., Ibata R., et al.,
2007, ApJ

The Haunted Halos of Andromeda and Triangulum: A panorama of galaxy formation in action
Ibata R., Martin N., Irwin M., Chapman S., Ferguson A., Lewis G., McConnachie A.
2007, ApJ

A near zero velocity dispersion stellar component in the Canes Venatici dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Ibata R., Chapman S., Irwin M., Lewis G., Martin N.
2006, ApJ

A kinematically selected, metal-poor stellar halo in the outskirts of M31
Chapman S., Ibata R., Lewis G., Ferguson A., Irwin M.,Tanvir N.
2006, ApJ

On the accretion origin of a vast extended stellar disk around the Andromeda
Ibata R., Chapman S., Ferguson A., Irwin M., Lewis G., McConnachie A.
2005, ApJ

A Keck/DEIMOS kinematic survey of Andromeda-IX:dark matter on the smallest galactic scales
Chapman S., Ibata R., Lewis G., Ferguson A., Irwin M., McConnachie A.,Tanvir N.
2005, ApJ

Taking measure of the Andromeda halo:
a kinematic analysis of the giant stream surrounding M31
Ibata R., Chapman S.C., Ferguson A., Irwin M., Lewis G., McConnachie A.
2004, MNRAS, 351, 117

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