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R.C.Kennicutt, F.Schweizer, and J.E.Barnes,
"Galaxies: Interactions and Induced Star Formation."
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York; ISBN:3-540-63569-6, 1998.
This book contains written versions of lectures that Francois Schweizer, Josh Barnes, and I gave for the 26th Saas Fee Advanced Course, held in Les Diablerets, Switzerland in 1996. Francois' lectures covered observational evidence for interactions and mergers, while Josh's lectures provide a primer on the dynamical theory and numerical simulations of interacting and merging galaxies. My lectures are more topical and cover observations of star formation rates, starbursts, and nuclear activities in interacting galaxies. This was a fun school. I never managed to make it to the ski slopes but I tried curling for the first time!
K.R.Semback, J.C.Blades, G.D.Illingworth, and R.C.Kennicutt,
"Hubble's Science Legacy: Future Optical/Ultraviolet Astronomy from Space."
The Astronomical Society of The Pacific; ISBN: 1-58381-136-2, 2002.
This book contains the proceedings of a workshop on future ultraviolet and optical space telescopes, that I co-organized with Garth Illingworth, with sponsorship by AURA, NASA, and ESA. The conference was held at the University of Chicago in April 2002. The meeting focussed on the science case for a large (4-8 meter) UV-optical successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, and identifying the key technologies that would be needed to make the telescope a reality in the next decade. The meeting was very successful, and since that time NASA has included study of such a facility into their Origins roadmap. The co-authors on the book are Ken Sembach (who did most of the editing!), Chris Blades, and Garth Illingworth.

In addition to the Saas Fee Lectures, my lectures from other international schools are included as chapters in two other books.

B.Guiderdoni, and A.Kembhavi,
"Starbursts: Triggers, Nature, and Evolution."
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York; ISBN:3-540-64701-5, 1998.
EDP Sciences Les Ulis; ISBN: 2-86883-334-9, 1998.
This book contains the lectures from the 1996 Les Houches summer school in astrophysics. The Les Houches schools have a rich history and this school on starbursts lived up to the standard. The school was organized by Bruno Guiderdoni and Ajit Kembhavi, and the lecturers included Jean-Pierre Chieze, Francois Combes, Edith Falgraone, Georges Meynet, Francesco Palla, Joe Silk, and myself. The lectures cover the breadth of star formation observation and theory from single-star formation to galaxies and cosmological applications. Another excellent resource for students beginning work in the field.
C.Tenorio-Tagle, M.Prieto, and F.Sanchez,
"Star Formation in Steller Systems."
Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0-521-44230-3, 1992.
This book grew out of the Third Canary Islands Winter School, held in Tenerife in 1991. It was the first international school for me and one of the best. The subject was star formation-- in the Milky Way and in galaxies-- and my co-lecturers included Peter Bodenheimer, Deidre Hunter, Richard Larson, Jorge Melnick, Bruce Elmegreen, Felix Mirabel, and Jose Franco-- I learned as much as the students did! The lectures now are a bit out of date, but they cover fundamentals and will still be valuable reading for students beginning work in this subject. The lead editor of the book, Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle, also organized the school, and he kept things moving and made sure the school was fun for everyone.