Research Group

Current members

Jose' Funes Jose' G. Funes, S.J.

Ph.D. Astronomy(2000): University of Padua
Staff Astronomer at Vatican Observatory and
Adjunct Assistant Astronomer at Steward Observatory in Arizona
Star formation in the local universe, and
Kinematics and dynamics of disk galaxies.
Karl Gordon Karl Gordon

Ph.D. Physics(1997): University of Toledo
Assistant Astronomer at Steward Observatory in Arizona.
Dust, Radiative transfer, Star formation in Galaxies, and Local group.
JD Smith JD Smith

Ph.D. Astronomy(2001): Cornell University
Postdoc. SINGS researcher.
Embedded starformation, Massive stars of feedback, and
Infrared starformation diagnoostics.
Christy Tremonti Christy Tremonti

Ph.D. Astronomy(2003): Johns Hopkins University
Postdoc. 2005 Hubble Fellow.
Bursts of starformation, starburst driven superwinds,
and the mass-metalicity relation.
Jason Harris Jason Harris

Ph.D. Astronomy(2000): University of Calfornia Santa Cruz
Postdoc. 2003 Hubble Fellow.
Star formation histories of nearby galaxies.
Janice Lee Janice Lee

6th year doctorial candidate.
Star-formation properties and chemical abundances of dwarf galaxies in the local universe H-alpha and UV-imaging surveys of nearby galaxies.
John Moustakas John Moustakas

5th year PhD Student.
Starformation and chemical abundance properties of
nearby and distant galaxies.
Moire Prescott Moire Prescott

2nd year PhD Student.
Obscured star formation in nearby galaxies.
Sanae Akiyama Sanae Akiyama

Data analyst.
Starformation in nearby galaxies.