Fits files in Pixcel

The fits export now supports a number of extra features.

The fits files are saved automatically if the Saving check box is on. If there is enough time the files are saved during the integration time between loops, otherwise they are saved at the end.



KeywordType DefaultComment
SIMPLE boolT Yes this is a fits file
BITPIX int16 16bit signed data
NAXIS int2 2d images supported
NAXIS1 int1024 Number of pixels in row
NAXIS2 int1024 Number of pixels in col
NRUN int735 Run Number
OBJECT stringNGC512 Object name
FILTER stringJg Filter name
OBSTYPE stringastro Observation type
IMAGTYPEstringsame as above Same paramter with different name
IRAFNAMEstring.fits Filename including .fits but no path
FILEPATHstring\\host\dir Data path
CAMERA stringcirsi Name of camera - just any old string
DETECTORstringhawaii / picnic Name of detector - generally hawaii or picnic string
CHIP int1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Chip number
QUAD string1 2 3 4 Active quads in this image
FPA string Array serial number
Sequence started, this time is same for all images in a loop: This is Y2K format YYYYMMDDTHH:MM:SS
TIME_OBSint51094 ms since sequence started
EXP_TIMEint25 Requested integration in seconds
INT_TIMEfloat25.077 Actual integration time in seconds
READRATEint432 Pixel rate (KHz)
READMODEstringRRR / NDR Readout mode, either read-reset-read or non-destructive read
NFRAMES int16 Number of quadrants read in each loop
FRAME int20 Current frame in sequence, useful for quadrants
NLOOPS int1 Total number of loops
LOOP int2 Current loop
COAVER boolT / F True if this is an average of a set of RRR images
NCOAVER int0 - Number of frames in above average
TOTALNDR int1 - Total number of reads of each chip
CURR_NDR int1 - Current number of read out of above total
NREADS int1 - Total number of NDR reads in each loop
READ in RRR mode int 1 -Current number out of above
RSTIMAGE boolT / F True if this is the initial reset level image, NDR mode only
SUBTRACTboolT / F True if reset level has been subtracted
ROTATE boolT True if image is rotated
ROTANGLEint0,90,180,270 Rotation angle
FLIP_H boolT / F True if image is mirrored E-W
FLIP_V boolT / F True if image is mirrored N-S
LINEAR stringnone / file Filename of linearity correction data, or none for no linearity correction
SAMVER float4.49 SAM version number
PIXVER float5.0 Pixcel version number and build date
SAMTYPE int5 SAM type
PRE_READboolT / F True if dummy first read was made
FLUSHES int32 Number of flushes before sequence started
GAINfloat0.340 Estimated gain in e/dn
CHIPGAINfloat0.340 Factor to multiply internal gain to get display value
HWGAIN int14 AM4100 gain setting - arbitrary units
PIXRATE int13 AM4100 rate setting - arbitrary units
BLKLEVELint100 AM4100 blacklevel

External FITS header

Pixcel will insert a text file or partial fits typically header containing values from the telescope control system. It must follow fits format but can have carriage returns allowing it to be created in an editor.


The list of engineering values from pixcel.ini has been removed to make the fits files a little shorter and simpler, the rate and gain are still included.

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