Chapter 0 :Infrared Version

This is a version of LSR AstroCam Pixcel™ modified for driving infrared astronomical instruments based on Rockwell Hawaii and Picnic MCT arrays using the LSR Astrocam 4100 CCD controller

Whats New!


The hardware and software is installed as desccribed in the LSR Astrocam documentation. The enclosed changed files are then copied over the top of the normal distribution.

A change to the registry selects the particular instrument.

  1. Run the registry editor with 'regedit'
  2. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Life Science Resources Ltd\OEM<>
  3. Double click on OEMcode and set the new value, as described below
  4. Exit the editor, there is no need to save.

Testing and default0


Most of the functions normally required at the telescope are on a new control panel called INFRARED next to the current CAMERA and SEQUENCE controls. The existing controls still work and allow expert users to adjust parameters such as the readout rate and gain, generally you shouldn't touch these values. The INFRARED panel contains observing related funtions and the control of the remote interface. The operation of the camera has been designed to reduce errors at the telescope. The settings which need changing during an observing run are all collected together on the single control. Other parameters which can be changed to adjust to different observing schemes or local operations are altered by editing the configuration file.

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