Appendix A : Specification




The PixCel software will interact with the following camera systems :

UltraPix SI, SK, MX, FE, FK, FKI and NeuroCam series of cameras.

Antares and Capella custom cameras.

Minimum requirements of your computer system

The performance of your camera system depends greatly on the configuration and specification of your PC. The following is the MINIMUM specification required for successful operation:

32 Mbytes of RAM (more for larger CCDs and-or many images to be held simultaneously in memory).

IBM or 100% compatible 200 MHz Pentium PC or faster.

Hard disk with at least 100 Mbytes of free space (a lot more if you are storing images on this disk).

Microsoft Windows 95 fully installed.

3.5" Floppy disk drive.

SVGA graphics card and monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution and 256 colours.

One vacant IBM-PC, ISA type interface card slot for SI and SK systems to accommodate the AT link card.


Two vacant IBM-PC slots, one ISA interface card slot to accommodate the AT Link and one PCI interface card slot for the PCI interface card (MX, FE, FK, FKI and NeuroCam systems only).

Recommended PC configuration

We strongly recommend you select a PC configuration significantly more powerful than the stated minimum.

A Pentium processor based CPU with a fast, high capacity disk drive and 32-64 Mbytes of system memory, will have a dramatic effect on performance for both the camera and the software.


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