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  • Verbose Mode
    Often Window to the Stars will break: in this case you can help me to debug it by activating the Verbose Mode

    This activates a log which outputs to stdout (usually the terminal from which WTTS is started) while WTTS runs.
    You can send the output to a file which can then be sent to me.
  • Activation of Verbose Mode
  • There are two ways to activate verbose mode.
    1. The first is to add the command line argument vb=1 when running WTTS e.g. vb=1
      You may have installed WTTS automatically in which case it is run from a script - you will need to change the contents of the script (usually found in bin/wtts in your installation directory).
      On windows installations you can add this to the batch file e.g. change the line
      c:\perl\bin\perl vb=1
    2. The second method is to activate verbose mode by a series of keypresses: left-CTRL - left-SHIFT - v. You can switch off the verbose mode with left-CTRL - left-SHIFT - r. Activation by this method has the disadvantage that you must get WTTS to run and open its main window, so if something fails before that you will get no verbose output.
  • Disadvantages
    Window to the STARS will run more slowly when Verbose Mode is active. This is just the way of things...
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