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Drs. Ian Parry and Craig Mackay
Institute of Astronomy
Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0HA, UK

Tel: (44) 01223 337092 Ian Parry
Tel: (44) 01223 337543 Craig Mackay
Fax: (44) 01223 330804 Instrumentation Group Fax 

Who's who in the group:

Ian Parry CIRPASS Principle Investigator, spectroscopy, optical design irp 337092
Craig Mackay CIRPASS Project manager, CIRSI Project Manager, CCDs and HgCdTe detectors cdm 337543
Richard McMahon CIRSI Project scientist, astronomer rgm 337519
Rachel Johnson CIRPASS Project Scientist, astronomer raj 337528
A N Ramaprakash Post Doctoral Research Assistant anr 337148
Dave King Post-Doctoral Research Assistant king 337091
Chris Sabbey Post-Doctoral Research Assistant sabbey 337148
Jim Pritchard Design engineer jmp 339279
Steve Medlen Senior technician srm 339279
Andrew Dean Post-Graduate Student ajd 337544

Group home phone numbers (RESTRICTED) 

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