1.0 original by rgm on 31 Sep
1.1 rgm: changed the LCIRS targets from T1 to the centre called e.g. SSA22-X
1.2 20001109 rgm: fixed LST times in plan; added XMM-Subaru and XMM-LBQS2215
field TCS catalogues.

Night 1; Fri, 03 Nov 2000

  1. In afternoon; check system health and count levels, via darks, 'dome lights off darks' and dome flats.
  2. check pointing, autoguiding, datarates, overheads
  3. NB: Do not use a Persson standard to check the pointing as recommended in the OCIW Obsering Guide. These are sometimes too faint or ambiguous. USE A V=5 Star from the Alamanx. Also after the night assistant does a CSET as him to move to different V=5 alamanac star so you can check that the pointing has been done correctly.
  4. Observing program: Positions may already be in Telescope catalog. Note for the SSA22_X and AXAF_X fields, the aim is to get a single deep tile. In the G133 file, the goal is to cover adjacent tiles with around 30mins for each of the 4 pointings in each tile i.e. there are 16 pointings required.
    LST range Field RA-Dec other info
    22:30 - 23:30 SSA22_X 22 17 +00 21 TCS catalogue for SSA22 central overlap tile
    23:30 - 02:30 G133 01 04 -06 42 TCS catalogue for g133 field
    02:30 - 04:30 AXAF_X 03 32 -27 40 TCS catalogue for AXAF central overlap tile field
    04:30 - 06:30 NGC2547 08 00 -49 00[check equinox] Simon's WWW page on NGC2547
  5. Recommended Standard stars
  • Perl script to generate grid of 4 positions for a complete tile

    Night 5+; Fri, 08 Nov 2000

    other targets for the run

    1. XMM-LBSQ2215 TCS catalogue for XMM Subaru Survey field
    2. XMM-SDS 02 18 00 -05 00 00 TCS catalogue for XMM Subaru Survey field
    3. XMM-HAW167
    4. Blanco-1 [please use J2000]

    Richard G. McMahon <rgm@ast.cam.ac.uk>
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