Procedure for Installing the Cirpass Data Reduction Pipeline


Install the Cirpass iraf and C packages

Setting up iraf

For personal use only

For site-wide access for every user

Making the C binaries

Installing the pgplot executables (if required)

If pgplot and cpgplot is already on your system

If pgplot is not already installed

Cirpass Computer's Specific

Changes necessary for the 2K detector

IoA, Cambridge Unix site-specific

Users at the IoA who type "cirpass" from iraf, load the package from /home/cirpass/iraf/Scripts/Cirpass and the C code from /home/cirpass/C/. Modifications to the software should be made (and tested!) in those directories as the user cirpass. The software for public release is maintained in /home/cirpass/Release/. Any files changed as a result of software updates should be copied to the relevant subdirectory below Release and then the distribution tar ball recreated with:

cd /home/cirpass/Release
gtar -zcvf cirp_code_20030428.tar.gz cirpass
su optics
cd /home/optics/public_html/cirpass/Software/
cp /home/cirpass/Release/cirp_code_20030428.tar.gz .
rm cirp_soft.tar.gz
ln -s cirp_code_20030428.tar.gz cirp_soft.tar.gz
where 20030428 is today's date. Care should be taken when copying files over to Release/! Only overwrite source iraf or C files. and the makefile are very different in the Release/ directory from those used by the site, as they are the generalised forms. DO NOT overwrite or the makefile in Release/. If new programs are written they should be edited into these files by hand.

Iraf Installation Instructions

Iraf was installed using the standard iraf documentation that is available from, the X11iraf package was also installed to provide ximtool and xgterm's. The stsdas and tables packages were also installed by following the links from the main iraf site.


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