Existing Software

IRAF dofibers

- does not deal with cross talk.
- does flat fielding before wavelength calibration.
- dofibers can only do wavelength calibration based on emission lines, though the task it uses - identify - can also use absorption lines.
- would be nice to mark the apertures that have been found on the 2D image.
- doing the line identification for wavelength calibration is very clunky in IRAF
- when marking the lines in the arc spectra it doesn't appear to be possible to get the wavelength of an arbitrary point on the spectrum (eg like spacebar in splot)


Oasis, Sauron

written in tcl/tk - looks comprehensive - deals with crosstalk. Installed here. Waiting for test data.


Integral - WHT

written for IRAF environment, uses existing IRAF tasks

Rachel Johnson <raj@ast.cam.ac.uk>
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