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Detector flat field frames (used to correct pixel-to-pixel sensitivity variations in the detector) and bad pixel masks are created throughout the observing run. Tests on the stability of these frames over the full observing run are underway. The current indication is that these frames are stable over this time scale.

The currently availably frames are indicated below.

File Date Type
det-flat_20030320.fits 20030320 Detector flat
bad-mask_20030320.fits 20030320 Bad pixel mask (fits)
bad-mask_20030320.pl 20030320 Bad pixel mask (pl)
det-flat_20030321.fits 20030321 Detector flat
bad-mask_20030321.fits 20030321 Bad pixel mask (fits)
bad-mask_20030321.pl 20030321 Bad pixel mask (pl)

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