Comet image naming format

A special request to observers who submit images: Please try and use the recommended format for naming images, something entitled linear.jpg is not very easy to catalogue and I have to spend considerable time renaming many images. It would be particularly helpful if you could use the format:
comet should either be the full provisional designation, for example 2001q2 or the periodic number for example 19p
observer can either be your full name for example shanklin, the first three letters of your name for example sha, or your ICQ id for example sha02
yyyymmdd is year month day and hhmm is hour and minute
img is the image format, ef gif, jpg etc.

Putting this together, example image file names might be

It is desirable to include details of the telescope, scale, orientation, camera, wavelength etc in the image, but if this is not possible you should write an additional text file with this information for example named 2001q2_20010906_sha02.txt

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