DWE's Other Links


* Cambridge - Local Cambridge information. University map.
* Trinity College - The biggest and best.
* The Electronic Yellow Pages - UK business phone numbers.
* Project Gutenberg - The texts of many books etc. on-line. You can also find other things at the Universal Library.
* OED online - Oxford English Dictionary. Another dictionary.
* Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization - A Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors (from NASA).
* Museums - The World Wide Web Virtual Library museums page.
* The Human-Languages Page - A page of links to topics related to a large number of the world's languages.
* Portico - The British Library's Online Information Server.
* The Science Museum
* The Natural History Museum
* Periodic Table - also contains information about each element. Also The Periodic Table of Videos. Another useful chemistry resource and if you want to look at polymers.
* The BBC - most programmes have home pages. You can find out what's on the telly in the Radio Times.
* One World Online - Links to pages giving info on various charities etc. (eg. Oxfam, Amnesty International, Comic Relief, WWF)
* University of Cambridge Home Page
* Network Rail - a train time table search engine. There is also a page for the London Underground.
* UK Street Map - Road maps for the UK and street maps for London. You might also try MapQuest or MultiMap (from which you can also access the Millennium Map with overlays). There is also Get-a-map from the Ordnance Survey. You might also need a Post Code/Address or Telephone Code finder.
* Millennium Mapping Home Page: Millennium Map and The Domesday Book


* Here is a gallery of some of the work I've done with various of my hobbies.
* Photography - Here are some of my photographs of La Palma.
* Cambridge Cycling Campaign
* Sustrans - one of their projects is a 6,500-mile National Cycle Network for the United Kingdom.
* Cycling holidays - You cycle between the hotels and the slaves transport your luggage for you. A very civilized way of going on a cycling holiday. Have used Belle France many times.
* British Orienteering Federation - Links to most clubs including WAOC.
* Blackwater Station - information on 18XX games (maintained by Chris Lawson). The old Depot does have a mirror.
* 18XX Maps - PostScript Maps for 18xx Games (by Matthias Klose).
* Games Domain - Games related information site.
* Genealogy - Family Search run by the Mormons. Also see ancestry.co.uk. The software I use is called Brother's Keeper and I can highly recommend it.
* Planet Rugby - Rugby news and the World Rankings.
* Specialist Crafts - UK's leading supplier of Art and Craft Materials.
* West Dean College - Lots of craft courses. So far, I've done Woodwork, Framing, Printmaking and Stained Glass. Next is Blacksmithying.


* Latest Dr Fun Cartoon - usually up to date US link.
For old cartoons try the archive.
* Latest Dilbert
* Doonesbury
* Sluggy Freelance - worship the comic

News sources

* The Guardian - The news as seen by The Groniad.
* The Electronic Telegraph - Latest news according to the Torygraph. It's free, but you do have to register.
* IC Wales - Welsh news as seen by The Western Mail etc.
* Financial Times - Financial and business news.
* Time Out - Free events/entertainments listings for various cities.
* Cambridge News Online - Local Cambridge news updated 4pm on weekdays.
* Press Association - More news. Again free.
* New Scientist - Weekly science news.
* Private Eye - a different viewpoint about the news..
* Weather - The weather forecast from the Met. Office (or if you want the current Cambridge weather).

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