Dafydd's Cards

Karen's birthday 1983

A Marquetry Christmas card I made for Karen.

Good Luck card for Karen when she did the London to Brighton bike ride 1995.
Karen's birthday 1996
from Sliceforms by John Sharp
Christmas 1996
from Sliceforms by John Sharp
Default birthday card
from Card Crafting by Gillian Souter
Diana's birthday 1997
Christmas 1997
JC's birthday 1998
Vanessa's second birthday 1998
Eleanor's first birthday 1998
Hanoi Arête
from Fractal Cuts by Diego Uribe
Christmas 1998
Lino cut (water-based inks)
Lino cut (oil-based inks)
Christmas 1999
Peter's birth 2000
Goddaughters' Birthdays 2000

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