DWE Computing & WWW page

Here are some links to computing & WWW pages.

Information about the Web.

* World Wide Web Consortium - Lots of information about the Web.

Search Engines

* Google - currently my favourite search engine.
* Hotbot - another search engine I like.
* Mamma - apparantly the mother of all search engines.
* Yahoo - An index of topics and a search engine (UK link).
* WebCrawler Searching
* WhoWhere - If you want to find someone's email address, there's a chance that this might work.

General Computing information

* STARLINK - Information on the Starlink Project, the computing facility for UK astronomers.
* Turbo Pascal Programmers Page - Real programmers don't use Pascal.
* Borland - source of the Pascal I used to use.
* Fortran 90 - A Fortran 90 tutorial for the Fortran 77 Programmer.
* SunSITE Northern Europe at the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London.
* PGPLOT - A graphics subroutine library which I use a lot.
* List of USENET FAQs - An archive of "Frequently Asked Questions" that have been posted to the USENET.
* NAG (Fortran 77 Library) - Some NAG documentation.
* Info on HTML - Some of the stuff I found useful in constructing this home page.
* CPAN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network: lots of stuff about Perl.

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