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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Mass function of the stellar remnants in the Milky Way Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw) 8 July 2015
The close link between baryons and dark matter in disc galaxies Federico Lelli (CWRU) 1 July 2015
Towards Understanding the Impact of the Baryon-Dark Matter Relative Velocity on the 2 and 3-Point Correlation Functions Zack Slepian (Harvard) 17 June 2015
Formation of Redback Pulsars Sarah Smedley (IoA) 10 June 2015
Formation Mechanisms of Stellar Spirals in Triaxial Dark Matter Halos Shaoran Hu (IoA) 10 June 2015
Pressure in Exoplanet Atmospheres Christina Hedges (IoA) 3 June 2015
Binary black-hole spin alignment: gas-driven and relativistic inspiral Davide Gerosa (DAMTP) 3 June 2015
Measuring the 3D structure of the Galactic Bar/Bulge using the VVV survey Iulia Simion (IoA) 27 May 2015
Searching for lensed quasars in DES and VST Fernanda Ostrovski (IoA) 27 May 2015
Two hot Jupiters with newly discovered planetary companions Marion Neveu (Cavendish) 20 May 2015
Inferring stellar evolution and Milky Way history from stellar spectra Thomas Masseron (IoA) 20 May 2015
RW Aur: protoplanetary discs properties revealed in a star-disc encounter Stefano Facchini (IoA) 13 May 2015
Detecting gravitational waves from extreme-mass-ratio inspirals Alvin Chua (IoA) 13 May 2015
Do you want to build a snowball? Frozen planetary interiors Scott Thomas (IoA) 6 May 2015
Quasar Hunting with the Dark Energy Survey Sophie Reed (IoA) 6 May 2015
Self-gravitating disc fragmentation and small scale structure Matt Young (IoA) 29 April 2015
Numerical study of debris discs: from dust to gas Quentin Kral (LESIA-Observatoire de Paris -> IoA) 18 March 2015
What does recombination physics have to do with Planck? Jens Chluba (JHU->IoA) 18 March 2015
Cusps, cores and streams in action coordinates Gus Williams (IoA) 4 March 2015
Outflows and Hot Dust Emission in Quasars Liam Coatman (IoA) 4 March 2015
Reheating at the end of inflation Kaloian Lozanov (IoA) 25 February 2015
Dusty Quasars: Supermassive Black Holes in Hiding at the Main Epoch of Galaxy Formation Manda Banerji (UCL -> IoA) 25 February 2015
Where do galaxies end? Adam Stevens (Swinburne/IoA) 18 February 2015
Triggered fragmentation in self-gravitating discs: forming fragments at small radii Farzana Meru (ETH Zurich -> IoA) 18 February 2015
The Last Major Merger of the Milky Way Prashin Jethwa (IoA) 11 February 2015
Feeding the supermassive black hole in the Milky Way Nathalie Degenaar (University of Michigan -> IoA) 11 February 2015
Probing reionization with QSO near zones Laura Keating (IoA) 4 February 2015
Seeding High Redshift QSOs by Collisional Runaway in Primordial Star Clusters Harley Katz (IoA) 4 February 2015
Characterizing High-Velocity Stars in the RAVE Survey: The Discovery of a Metal-Rich Halo Star Born in the Galactic Disk Keith Hawkins (IoA) 28 January 2015
Hunting for extragalactic nuclear transients with Gaia Nadia Blagorodnova (IoA) 28 January 2015