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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Computer vision & Machine Learning: An Application in Digital Pathology Ali Dariush 8 June 2016
Encounter-driven fragmentation in irradiated self-gravitating discs Farzana Meru 8 June 2016
The Temperature of the Emptiest Regions of the Universe Alberto Rorai 1 June 2016
The dusty tail of disintegrating exoplanet KIC 12557548b Rik van Lieshout 1 June 2016
The Gaia-ESO Survey: investigating the globular cluster sample Clare Worley 25 May 2016
ISM modelling in cosmological simulations; a critical study Matthew Smith 25 May 2016
Gaia - Experience and results from the first operation cycle Francesca De Angeli 18 May 2016
Tracing the main sequence of star formation in X-rays James Aird 18 May 2016
The Magellanic Origin of the DES Dwarfs Prashin Jethwa 11 May 2016
Testing feedback models with high-redshift metals Laura Keating 11 May 2016
OPTICON - the EC Coordination network in OIR astronomy Gerry Gilmore 4 May 2016
The formation history and total mass of globular clusters in the Fornax dSph Thomas de Boer 4 May 2016
The Haloes of the Milky Way Angus Williams 27 April 2016
Shaping galaxies with AGN feedback Martin Bourne 27 April 2016
M101-OT: a massive stellar merger in the Pinwheel Galaxy Nadia Blagorodnova (Caltech) 20 April 2016
Nature or Nurture?: Probing External Feedback on Young Stars in W3 Serena Kim (Steward Observatory) 20 April 2016
Dynamical Constraints in Super Earth Systems Matthew Read 2 March 2016
Dark matter annihilation in the Milky Way dwarf spheroidals Jason Sanders 2 March 2016
Shaping galaxies with AGN feedback Martin Bourne 24 February 2016
The midplane conditions of protoplanetary discs: a case study of HD163296 Dominika Boneberg (IOA) 24 February 2016
The shape of the Milky Way's dark halo Adam Bowden 17 February 2016
Out of the Dust: Unveiling the population of quasar host galaxies Clare Wethers 17 February 2016
AGN Coronae in the NuSTAR Era Anne Lohfink 10 February 2016
Burning Questions in Stellar Evolution: Exploring Uncertainties in Mixing & Nuclear Reaction Rates Ghina Halabi 10 February 2016
New results on disc photoevaporation Cathie Clarke 3 February 2016
Constraining the Shape of a Halo with Tidal Streams Denis Erkal 3 February 2016
Searching for the Accreted Galactic Halo in the APOGEE Survey Keith Hawkins 27 January 2016
Can we detect super-Earths in proto-planetary discs? Giovanni Rosotti 27 January 2016
The formation of slow and fast rotating elliptical galaxies Benjamin Moster 20 January 2016
Measuring the inner accretion disk in X-ray binaries Michael Parker 20 January 2016